The pandemic has highlighted the dark side of the corporate world. The layoffs have been hard in spite of all the efforts one put into the job. The situation is no different and one can neither predict when such circumstances can occur again. What one can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. When you look for an internship what are the questions that occur to your mind? Is it about the placements or payments? Hardy, because at this time all you care about is an internship that hands you a certificate. Now, think about an internship that hands you a job.
Guaranteed job placement programs are not extinct as of now. The right company is sure that the efforts put into your upbringing won’t be a waste and will land you a job. At Akestech we have the same mindset, we believe in the training we provide and guarantee a job placement program. Akestech is a one-stop destination catering to job placement programs.

It's normal to have the second thoughts. It is something that everybody does. You may be wondering why you should participate in technical work training. First and foremost, they provide you with a competitive advantage. You get to pick which course you'll take, giving you complete control over your learning experience. Moreover, imagine a job guarantee over it. Many high-paying jobs are available on the market, but you must have the requisite skills to obtain them. Every organization is on the lookout for talented individuals to fill various technical positions. They're looking for qualities that aren't taught in a typical classroom. Short-term preparation will assist you in achieving financial independence quickly.
When you learn a brand-new talent, you expand your career opportunities. You will work in areas that you wouldn't have considered applying for a few years ago. For example, if you have a non-tech degree, you can assume that having a job in the tech industry is unlikely. These short-term courses will help you gain the skills you need to break into new industries. Taking a course would be very helpful if you choose to change careers or get into a fast-growing industry. Now get a 100% job guarantee in Lucknow along with the course with Akestech Learning Academy.


Since the pandemic, the Indian job market has been slowly and steadily improving over the last few months since decreasing by over 60% in April of this year. The impact of the pandemic is still visible in growth, despite the market's steady recovery. Organizations anticipate an increase in demand for the right talent to overcome problems as they realign to the new standard. One needs to be an asset to have a chance in the job market. The question that now arises is how to be an asset to the organization.

People in an organization will start the race at the same time, but some will lead the pack while others will fall behind. Those at the front of the group, on the other hand, tend to carve out a niche for themselves, with everyone praising them for their excellent success and gracious disposition. Have you ever wondered what makes someone valuable to a company? Why are they such a formidable opponent? The answer lies in the start journey. The courses and the training define you, it trains you so you are better than the others. Akestech Learning Academy provides you with an opportunity to enhance your portfolio along with 100% Job guarantee courses. 

The convenience of the online world has forced us to shift online. Not only is it cost-effective but also time-saving. Work from home has changed our work life and with a forced Worklife one is now comfortable with working online. The problem arises whether there is a job opportunity or not. It is virtually impossible for any institute to guarantee jobs to its students. Akestech Learning Academy, on the other hand, is not like them. For those who are looking for Job Oriented courses, Akestech Academy provides a 100% Job Guaranteed online.

Graduation can be hard, what is harder is the placement after graduation. Graduation might give you a base or a time out to work on yourself but it has more drawbacks than one can imagine. Your graduation degree lacks practical knowledge which as a fresher makes you liability of the organization. According to Career Builder's report, only one out of every three employers believes that students graduate with the skills they need in the workplace. Nearly half of the employers polled said graduates lack people skills, and many said they lacked problem-solving, innovative thinking, communication, and teamwork abilities. Don’t let this be your care, train yourself with the Akestech Learning Academy and get a 100% placement after graduation.