As per the studies of the US Bureau of labor statistics, there will be a 13% spike in computer science jobs by 2026. The recent pandemic has accelerated the process, with everything going online. Since new technologies are constantly being developed, there is a constant demand for brilliant tech minds who can design, manage, and repair both gadgets and code. The demand for professional IT specials is only going to increase. What a computer geek needs to ask oneself is are they prepared for it?
There is a land sky difference between practical and bookish knowledge, bookish knowledge cannot get you as far as your dreams. To fulfill your dreams, one needs the inside knowledge which can be gained by internships. Internships provide us with the opportunity to get fresh practical experience. While looking for an internship, you don’t want to go for any company after all your job as an intern is not to just get coffee. One needs to look for the best internship company for BCA and MCA, to get a platform that not only boosts your portfolio but also helps you grow individually. Akestech Learning Academy provides you with this platform where you can get vast practical knowledge when it comes to BCA and MCA.

Being a fresher gives us umpteen time to discover ourselves. What differentiates an extraordinary and ordinary is how extraordinary utilizes the free time. As a BCA fresher one can enroll in a summer internship, not only will it set you apart from others but will also help you discover your area of interest. Obtaining a BCA degree is required in today's world, but it is insufficient. If one does not choose the right courses after BCA, it is difficult to find high-paying jobs. To have a well-established career after a BCA degree, one must seek post-graduation or a professional credential. Professional credentials can be provided with summer internships.
Acquiring just a degree is not sufficient in this modern age, especially when there is a rat race in every field concerned. Don’t let this rat race scare you, because we are one of a kind, what you can do is discover for yourself with the amazing internships out there. As a BCA fresher, summer internships will get you the idea of your interest field- Designing, coding, research, finance, and social media are only a few examples. In my opinion, it is the most important factor because your whole future will be determined by your decision. Akestech Learning Academy provides summer internships for BCA freshers, so you decide for your future with practical experience.

Bachelors in Computer Applications (BCA) is a three-year undergraduate program in which students study a wide variety of computer languages. The BCA program attracts students who are interested in computers and their applications. A BCA degree has the same meaning as a or B.E degree in IT or computer science. BCA is available in standard and distance modes. A BCA or MCA degree proves to be an asset to IT companies and major MNC’s, but the question lies if there are job opportunities. The good news is that there are also opportunities concerning BCA Internship Jobs. BCA Internship job opportunity is provided at Akestech Learning Academy, even to freshers. This can be a life-changing opportunity for computer application aspirants. It provides you with an exquisite experience. Now don’t search anywhere else when you have Akestech by your end.

Summer internship might be your first real job, with low pay and long hours, and you're at the bottom of whatever career ladder you're trying to climb. However, these points are valid in most situations, there are many advantages to interning. Indeed, taking the internship now might help you skip a few steps up the career ladder in the future. When it comes to summer internships for BCA students, it is most crucial because the field you decide today would be your base for the future. Students of BCA can go for PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA, Android Development, Web design, Software development, SEO, Digital marketing, and many more. Akestech learning Academy is your destination for a summer internship if you are a BCA student. For all the professional help and discovery, Akestech is your platform.

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