Best Vocational Training Institute In Lucknow

Vocational training refers to educational programs or courses that concentrate on the abilities needed for a specific job or trade feature. Education prepares students for particular professions in vocational training, disregarding conventional, unrelated academic topics. Vocational training, also referred to as Vocational Education and Training or Career and Technical Education, offers hand-on, job-specific guidance and can lead to certification, a diploma or even the degree of an associate.

Vocational Training or Vocational Education and Training (VET), also referred to as Career and Technical Education (CTE), prepares students for employment based on manual or practical tasks that are traditionally non-academic and are entirely connected to a particular trade, occupation or vocation, thus the phrase in which the student is involved. It is often referred to as professional education, as in a specific category of techniques or technology, the learner gains knowledge directly.


In almost all fields, vocational courses take place and the syllabus for various courses is therefore distinct. Many of these courses are in partnership with professional courses. In order to help students gain practical knowledge of practical working situations, vocational courses are offered.

The various vocational courses being offered are quite diverse and can be broadly classified into the following categories:


  • Commerce
  • Engineering
  • Health and Para medical
  • Home science
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality & tourism
  • Others

Vocational education may be at the secondary or post-secondary level and may interact with the system of apprenticeship. Vocational education can increasingly be recognized as a credit in terms of recognition of prior learning and partial academic credit for tertiary education; however, it is rarely considered to fall under the traditional definition of higher education in its own form.


India is at the height of a population shift and is currently going through the 'demographic dividend' phase. This has created a challenge for policymakers to ensure that the ever-increasing labor force has sufficient employment opportunities. Skill development is one of the areas where improvement is urgently required in India.
The analysis carried out reveals that higher wages are associated with formal vocational training, with the effect being the highest in the primary sector. The chances of participating in formal vocational training were improved by being male and urban dwellers. The model suggests that there are good economic returns that are linked to formal vocational training, so investing resources in vocational training makes sense.

Benefits of Vocational Course Studies Vocational Course

  • Knowledge of the subjects as well as vocational abilities are provided.
  • Specialized practical skills are focused on vocational courses.
  • Such courses provide insight into the requirements of specific types of jobs.
  • Vocational courses offer specialized learning, which is an additional benefit.
  • There are diversified courses in the organized sector to provide skilled manpower.

There are several different career paths you can take in life. Vocational training can be a desirable option for individuals entering a highly technical or hands-on field, as well as for those who wish to develop new skills. In this article, we define vocational training, explore some of the different courses offered in vocational training, and how vocational training is helpful.


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