Blockchain development

How cool is it to have a kind of technology that is transparent with an immutable system? Savage right? Think about it this way, the working of your organization will be transparent and even then, your competitors won’t be able to harm you in any way. Here is the answer to all of your competitive businesses or organizations.

You sure have come across the word “Blockchain” while searching to intensify the security level of your business transactions, data, files. But does it occur to you that it takes blood and sweat to understand this technology? Probably, yes.

Let’s get you covered with a thorough understanding of Blockchain technology and its development in lucid language.

What is Blockchain Development?

To understand the development of blockchain, first, let’s discuss what blockchain is. Blockchain is a technology to record, all the work taking place in the organization, digitally. It is a chain of blocks that records everything in the form of a block within seconds. Every block has its signature identity called “hash”. Hash of the previous block attaches to the hash of the new block. This is how a chain is built over a period of time. It is impossible to hack blockchain as it works with a hash system.

Now, let’s get a glimpse of Blockchain development.

Blockchain development involves a series of questions to be resolved. Right from identifying the goal to getting the development started, there are 4 more steps in between that require attention.

Here is a brief of all the steps involved in the process of blockchain development:

· Identifying the goal: This step involves two aspects – a) understand and analyze the problem to be resolved while installing blockchain in your business. The purpose must be clear, b) if you want to move from your current business abilities or you want to get a new application developed from scratch.

· Identify suitable platforms for blockchain: There are various platforms to develop blockchain. Each of them fulfills a different purpose. Such as Ethereum being the number one platform amongst all, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger sawtooth Quorum, etc. Identify the most suitable one for your business in accordance with the goal identified in step 1.

· Blockchain model: Once the platform is set, decide the concept and working of blockchain application or website. The model of blockchain should be ready in this step.

· Proof of Concept: This step involves thorough verification of business or organization. Proof of origination of the organization, its stakeholders, history, and all the transactions are verified through proofs.

· Technical designs: Till now, the base of the website or the application is in our hands. Now comes the design of technical work in the application or the website. Discuss the conceptual working of the application or the website to make it more user-friendly, readable, and attractive.

· Development: This is the last step in the development of blockchain. All the above steps were considered to make this step possible. This step involves the actual development of blockchain. Coding work starts from here.

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Blockchain has evolved and come a long way since 1991. Billions of transactions have been recorded digitally and miners have gained their share of the reward. Take the bold step today and enjoy the leverage forever.