While only a few companies succeed solely by their efforts in the real world, most businesses find that having an online presence will help them succeed, or even move their company entirely to the online world. There are several reasons why having a digital presence is essential to your company, from being able to provide basic information such as location and hours of operation to having full e-commerce capabilities. It has been said that a business without a digital presence risks going out of business.
Digital marketing in simple terms refers to the art of marketing through Digital channels that include Instagram, Facebook, Email, and other online platforms. This digital era has resulted in both digitization and digital marketing. Digital marketing is the newest craze, and it's one of those phenomena that's here to stay. Advertising from the internet is referred to as digital marketing. The millennial and Gen-Z social media era has opened up incredible business opportunities. An Indian person spends an average of 2.4 hours a day on social media, providing you with an excellent opportunity to reach out to them. The question then becomes, "How?" Digital Marketing holds the key to the solution.


You must be online if your business is to be competitive in today's markets. Do you ever make a decision without first typing a few keywords into your phone and reading any reviews? I don't think so! Similarly, the consumers rely heavily on online information to determine which brand to purchase, which product to buy, and so on. The common misconception that digital presence is only for B2C businesses is incorrect. By properly using digital marketing avenues, B2B will profit just as much as B2C. Here is why having a digital presence is so important for your business-

  • Higher consumer engagement level: One of the major advantages of doing business online is that you can get a sense of the customer's pulse firsthand. You don't have to pay a lot of money to get random information about your clients. When digital marketing is performed correctly, it provides you with valuable insight into all of your customer's tier-one questions.
  • Lasting first impression: People hear about a brand/product long before they buy it. The consumer is making a good opinion of you if you have a clear and impressionable online presence. The beauty of going digital is that no one really knows how many people work for a given business.
  • Higher revenues: Greater engagement and the lasting impression account for higher revenues. Having an online presence costs less than not having one. That is when digital marketing comes in handy.

A study revealed that 71% of consumers who experienced good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. This highlights the importance of digital marketing that is when Akestech, a digital marketing company in Lucknow comes into the picture. At Akestech we understand your need, it is the best digital marketing company in Lucknow.

Did you know that within the first five hours of the day, the post-engagement rate will reach 75%? Therefore you need an integrated system that deals with this segment. Customer loyalty is difficult to establish; in reality, retaining current customers is much more difficult than acquiring new customers. When it comes to product research, consumers rely heavily on digital resources. Having the backing of a digital marketing company gives you the edge over the other competitors.
Given the current scenario, where clients are becoming increasingly active in virtual environments, organizations that do not attempt to spread the word about their quality for clients are missing out on a wide range of opportunities. Akestech, the best digital marketing company in Lucknow provides you with exquisite services which are not only time effective but also cost-effective. To reach the customers one needs the right marketing tool and bearing in mind the ‘New normal’ one can hardly argue the significance of digital marketing.


According to Blue Nile Research, between 79 and 82 percent of consumers conduct research using quest, brand websites, and customer feedback. The huge percentages speak for themselves and signify the need for brands to take digital marketing seriously. With the right strategy, one can create a monopoly. The right strategy should be the only strategy, hence Akestech, a digital marketing company in Lucknow gives you the opportunity to create leads, and here are few reasons why:

  • The cost of digital marketing campaigns is low.
  • Your digital campaigns are simple to track and control.
  • You will participate in the discussion about your business using digital marketing platforms.
  • Brands may use digital marketing to strengthen their customer relationships.
  • Traditional print marketing and digital marketing techniques work well together.
  • Consumers are becoming more digitally savvy.